Our Expertise

We pride ourselves in providing strategic and pragmatic legal guidance, which is client-focused by bridging legal need and legal solution.

Employment, Pensions and Incentives

We have an unrivalled knowledge and experience in employment and labour related matters, and therefore well-positioned to manage risk and find resolutions in relation to challenges from employment, incentives and pension matters, whether in a single jurisdiction or to support their cross-border operations.

We have significant experience derived from providing advice to the boards of listed and privately-held companies on employment issues, as well as the latest corporate governance and efficient policies to deal with any potential labour issues.

Our multi-disciplinary approach positions our pension lawyers to join the dots, contemplate the wider picture and think laterally and work in efficient, partner-led teams. Our team have the experience in developing and implementing cost-efficient reward, compensation arrangements and stock-based incentive schemes tailored to each client’s unique human resource and corporate strategy.

We also provide legal advisory with regard to issues involving discrimination, termination, restrictive covenants and other work-related claims.

We understand that effective personnel management is an important means of minimizing the number of lawsuits an employer faces and increases the likelihood of success when a suit is filed. We assist our clients in attaining that goal by ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations; and providing counsel on the increasing technical requirements of employment laws, regulations, and court decisions.

Considering a significant part of our practice involves managing employment disputes and unfair dismissals; we deploy all resources to ensure many of the matters in which we are involved achieve amicable solutions, and in the event that any of the matters including pension matters are placed before an adjudicator, we deploy our proven litigation capability.