17th Aug 2020

Wealth, Asset Management and Private Client

We live in a world of the “global citizen” and constantly in search of new opportunities for our wealth, and in consequence faced with unique challenges, which only a full-service team is best placed to advise on.

We devise and implement comprehensive and practical estate and tax planning strategies through active engagement with our clients.

The focus of our team of experienced lawyers is the financial well-being of individual clients and their families. We deliver a service that allows clients to protect, develop and ultimately achieve cross-generational transfer of wealth with complete peace of mind. We are able to achieve client satisfaction by taking the time to understand their financial and family circumstances, which places us in a good position to offer clear, practical advice on protecting financial resources, whilst maintaining flexibility.

Tracking industry trends, we monitor and act in advance of changes in the tax, legal and market landscapes. We bring each client’s objectives to fruition through our comprehensive legal, tax, financial planning and wealth management services.

We have the competence to proffer advice on all aspects of family law, including separation or dissolution of marriage, custody of children and financial implications. Our approach, while always alert to the sensitivities of family relationships, is creative, constructive and pragmatic.

We recognize that issues relating to children are particularly sensitive and they increasingly have an international dimension. The interest of the children and the client is always foremost on our mind, thus we take our time to understand each client’s unique personal situation and work with them to develop the course of action which achieves the best outcome