14th Aug 2020


We provide our infrastructure clients with a full range of legal services, harnessing the power of our cross-disciplinary approach. Whether you a sponsor, lender or public sector organization, you require legal advisors to assist through complex infrastructure and project financing transactions.

Our multi-disciplinary team, which possesses the right balance of specific geographical experience, industry insight and legal expertise provides full-service capabilities at every stage in the infrastructure value chain from fund formation to the structuring and financing of projects through to disputes and litigation and mergers and acquisitions.

The approach applied by our team is to merge disciplines and provide legal solutions to our clients involved in infrastructure investment or activities across a variety of sub-sectors. The breadth of our practice encompasses the full asset life cycle from creation to acquisition, the raising of sponsor or debt capital to restructuring and portfolio management and asset sales.

Whether our clients are procuring project services, or supplying the services, our result-oriented service is focused on achieving their business objectives.

14th Aug 2020


We face an increasingly unpredictable world, whether as an insurer, broker, reinsurer or insured party. From routine operational matters to strategic planning, liability and dispute management, policy drafting, coverage and regulatory matters, the environment in which our clients operate is changing rapidly as more stringent capital and risk requirements impact their businesses.

As the burden of compliance increases along with the speed of regulatory developments, clients particularly value our wealth of experience and the regulatory insight we can provide.

We offer our clients a collaborative and integrated approach to legal services, working with them to find innovative, business-oriented solutions and deliver the highest quality service.

The breadth of our practice encompasses the entire scope of work covering diverse aspects including financings; reorganization and restructuring; risk transfers; trade credit insurance; political risk insurance; merger and acquisitions; global and local market regulatory enforcement; distribution, outsourcing and other commercial contracts.

We deliver integrated and value-added solutions by drawing on the support of our lawyers from other practice areas including corporate and M & A; dispute management; banking and finance; taxation, real estate, employment, pensions and incentives.

17th Aug 2020

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property of many organisations is potentially the most prized asset. Arguably, innovative ways of developing, exploiting and protecting these assets are required to stay ahead of the curve.

Drawing on detailed expertise and with strong partner-level leadership, we have the expertise to tackle a broad range of intellectual property issues, both contentious and transactional IP matters by advising clients on national and cross-border strategies, IP protection and enforcement of IP rights.

We are able to develop strategies for the use, protection, management and exploitation of intellectual property; negotiate, review and draft commercial agreements involving the development, application and commercial exploitation of intellectual property.

From searching to registration to use and enforcement and where necessary, litigation upon infringement, the firm is able to provide an imaginative legal advice to clients in the use and protection of their assets.

We recognise that IP issues often arise in the context of commercial and regulatory landscapes. For this reason, our multi-disciplinary approach working with sector experts from corporate, tax, TMT, and employment teams positions us to provide coordinated and value-added legal advice to our clients.

10th Sep 2020

Litigation and Dispute Management

We understand that litigation can be complex, costly and time consuming, which is why, for us, litigation is viewed as the final option – dispute avoidance is our aim and we provide strategic advice to achieve this.

We partner with our clients to determine how they define success. Through this we mitigate any contentious issues and find practical and proportionate solutions to resolve them.  If and when dispute arise, our specialist team will strive to provide honest, legal and strategic advice to resolve them with as little disruption to business as possible – recognition of this is central to how we approach any matter.  Our focus is efficient and cost-effective advice – with the aim of achieving the most benign result possible.  It is in view of this that our team encourages the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques when and where appropriate.

Some clients are not so risk-averse and view litigation as an investment that can bring a short-term yield or simply preserve long term value in their business.  Whatever your situation, we will move quickly and assertively to place you and keep you in the strongest negotiating position.

With expertise in all forms of dispute resolution and risk management with an understanding of the interplay between different legal systems and regulations, we can advise on every aspect of litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Our legal team is supported by an in-house team of accountants who provide assistance and expertise on all financial aspects of litigation, arbitration and investigations.

17th Aug 2020

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

We have a deep understanding of the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector which is integral to our ability to guide a wide range of healthcare clients, including hospitals, insurers and operators, professional registration boards, healthcare suppliers and distribution facilities, pharmaceutical companies and life sciences organisations through the many different, interlinking legal and commercial challenges that they face in these dynamic and highly regulated sector.

We allocate appropriate resources to monitor trends and innovations and the drivers for government policy, with the primary objective to ensure our knowledge is up-to-date and relevant.

With our unique capabilities and deep understanding of the pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector with its regulatory and commercial challenges, we comprehend the business and legal intricacies our clients face on a regular basis. This ensures that our team is able to bring genuine commercial knowledge in the sector to each challenge.

We have the competence to assist our clients on a range of issues including but not limited to anticipating and ensuring compliance with changing regulatory requirements and industry codes of conduct, medical malpractice, professional indemnity, professional liability, dispute management, implementing immediate actions in the case of product recalls and product liability cases.

We also proffer advice to our clients on their routine operational needs such as support with advertisement and promotion of medicine, public sector procurement, patent enforcement, pricing and reimbursement, and commercial and clinical trial agreements.

10th Sep 2020

Real Estate

We have a versatile range of skills and a deep bench of experience, which puts us in a position to assist our clients across the entire range of real estate needs.

Cross-border experience and in-depth industry knowledge gives the firm a significant competitive advantage. Our team comprises of specialists in real estate investment and development, real estate finance and tax, real estate derivatives and structured finance and real estate disputes.

Our legal practice covers all aspects of commercial real estate transactions, including acquisition, development, financing, multi-layered funds and joint ventures structured for tax and regulatory efficiency, portfolio asset management, and complex real estate mergers and acquisitions.

It has become apparent that real estate is an attractive long-term investment for investors seeking diversification and stable yields within an uncertain economy. Furthermore, with the emergence of a global real estate industry following demands from multi-national corporations and traditional real estate companies, we know the importance of delivering to our clients commercially sound and legally robust solutions focused to their business objectives.

We extend our responsibility to our client beyond the traditional role of drafting documentation and due diligence. We have a skilled team which collaborates with our clients from inception of each transaction to add value by giving excellent commercial advice from project procurement and contract negotiation to avoiding and resolving disputes, within timescale and budget.

17th Aug 2020

Restructuring and Insolvency

We have extensive experience and multi-disciplinary knowledge of national and international regulation and are adept at navigating through complex cross-jurisdiction scenarios.

Our experience encompasses contentious and non-contentious cases, including restructuring and rescheduling, negotiate payment structure, equity capital raising and restructuring, asset tracing and insolvency litigation, formal insolvency procedures and contingency planning, distressed M&A, and investigation. This extensive experience is derived from services provided to liquidators, administrators, trustees, financiers, companies and pension schemes.

We also have the capacity to facilitate turnarounds and settlements, assist raise capital to prevent costly defaults, and assist in disposing of or acquitting assets to protect and preserve value.

17th Aug 2020

Sanctions, International Trade and Investment Compliance

Physical and financial trading in goods and commodities influences the global economy. Nevertheless, the intricacy of the contractual, regulatory and financial landscape can create pitfalls for the unwary.

Whether governments are negotiating multilateral, regional or bilateral trade agreements, or revising national laws and regulations, the involvement of governments has a direct impact on the rules governing international trade. Therefore, companies engaging in international trade must negotiate their way through local laws, international treaties and the rules of common trade practices. Legal counsel must be versed in all three.

We are able to proffer a global perspective when dealing with the diverse contractual, regulatory and financial issues that affect the sector. We provide guidance to our clients in navigating complicated trade regulatory processes and are competent in creating and executing solutions that allow them to operate their businesses in accordance with actively changing and on some occasions, conflicting trade laws and regulations.

As the expansion of global markets and value chains continues to make the world a smaller place, we promise to keep you informed about the rules and practices governing your international business, as well as the tools that are available to them.

17th Aug 2020


Companies operating in the global economy experience complex tax issues in all jurisdictions in which they do business. For this reason, businesses require a coordinated global delivery of services incorporating both knowledge of national legislation, including tax treaties, as well as the appropriate international perspective.

We have unmatched expertise and experience to advise financial institutions, funds and corporate entities from all sectors on tax issues arising on most complex cross-border transactions, contentious tax matters and corporate tax policy issues.

From corporation taxes and value-added tax to transfer taxes, we have the expertise to deliver tax solution our clients need to ensure their business operates efficiently and compliantly. In doing so, we consider all legal, commercial, regulatory and tax aspects to ensure efficient planning and implementation, and are well placed to advise on the law, its import, scope and ambit and relevant measures to be compliant.

Our tax team work closely with teams across the firm – including our corporate, dispute management, banking and finance and IP lawyers to understand our clients’ business and the wider tax implications of each transaction. This breadth of expertise puts us in a position to see the bigger picture for our clients, including the potential for audit issues, regulatory implications, as well as reputational concerns

14th Aug 2020

Telecommunications, Media and Technology

We have deep expertise and the right mix of knowledge on a number of the key issues and developments that are shaping the Tech & Comms marketplace.

We are able to advise on, negotiate and draft a wide range of commercial agreements relating to outsourcing; e-commerce and the internet; IT and software; research and development; fintech, biotechnology and life sciences; licensing; telecommunications networks and services; media, entertainment and publishing. We are also able to advise on matters including M&A, IP disputes, regulatory issues, data protection, employment and litigation.

We have created a bunch of byte-sized technotes capturing the legal challenges posed by the disruptive technologies that are revolutionising business today.

Our lawyers, assisted by an in-house technology consultant, are able to provide clients with comprehensive and practical solutions in a constantly changing technology landscape